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The SHIELD Codex (series masterpost)

It starts with a mistake, a still-mysterious failure that drives Loki from his stolen throne far earlier than expected.  In desperation, he flees down impossible roads through unknown time and space to find a new fate he can shape for his own.  A life outside the destiny prepared for him - but to do that, he finds himself among humans that ultimately become the most unexpected of allies: The Agents of SHIELD, led by a man he once killed.

The SHIELD Codex is a canon-flavor genfic series with a slightly altered timeline (due to the interference of the Jotun Space Wizard), ongoing since May 2014.  Each multi-chapter fic is a contained story often meant to evoke the style of an episode or short arc of the Agents of SHIELD series and may include comic book characters written in MCU style.  The shorts between fics are a little more varied, but are generally vignette-flavor backstory or tie-in events.

All stories are rated PG-13/Teen, in line with the series and films.  Some language, moderate comic book violence.  Horror themes where noted.

In chronological order (all links go to Ao3) after the cut:

The SHIELD Codices: A Clear and Present Loki

Approx. word count: 73,000 words, 34 chapters.  Some horror themes (psychological/Lovecraftian), no gore, mild action violence. Season 1/post Dark World

Loki is forced to see that all permutations of his future ultimately end at Ragnarok, and like so many iterations before him demands his own chance to unbind himself from an unwanted destiny. The odds are worse than terrible, but one path might be found in the company of his enemies: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. currently busy with enough troubles of their own.

Rolling Thunder: A SHIELD Codex

Word count: 36,000, 15 chapters.  Science fiction themes, 'episodic' style, minor action violence.  S1.

Director Coulson's first months in his new role are not destined to be easy ones. When a new threat from an old source sets out to make SHIELD's recovery more difficult than ever, Coulson needs every ally, every tool he can get to draw his opponent out - even if they come at risky costs.

In the Bleak Midwinter

Word count: 8,500. Holiday one-shot, terribly minor angst.  S1.

'Tis the season! To celebrate, Coulson brings his team (and the mildly baffled Loki) together for one night's holiday party. Eat, drink, and reminisce for the days gone by and to think on hopes yet to come.

An Honest Man: A SHIELD Codex

Word count: 42,000, 18 chapters.  Science fiction, crossover with Guardians of the Galaxy.  Mild violence.

Since his struggle with not only the Darkhold but his own nature, Loki has found a strange new path in life, and grudging allies of a sort he'd never expected - but it's not an easily kept path. Now, accused of the greatest monstrosity of his life and awaiting the most final of consequences, Loki needs at his side the one thing he himself has never been - an honest man.

Stitched: A SHIELD Codex Short

Word count: 3,700.  One shot set of vignettes, barely any angst.

In between leaving Asgard and the start of a new duty are the odd little moments of trying to fit in to a new place. This is three of those brief moments - boring paperwork, a stressful encounter in the lab, and a lesson on what starting over could really mean.

An Agent of Chaos: A SHIELD Codex

Word count: 54,000, 20 chapters.  Murder mystery, spy drama.  Some mild violence, one autopsy scene (extremely mild and non-graphic)

What starts as a gruesome handful of murders across the US East Coast becomes something far more dangerous when the truth behind them is revealed. The Agents of SHIELD find themselves entangled in an international incident that could not only wipe them off the map, but possibly destabilize the entire world. Only Director Coulson’s team and two of SHIELD’s most notorious agents can possibly change the odds.

But first one of them will have to be convinced to not kill the other.

Sleipnir: A SHIELD Codex Short

Word count: 6,000, one-shot vignette.  Mostly Asgardian backstory, nothing objectionable.

A necessary visit to Asgard brings with it not only the rediscovery of lost fragments of Loki's past, but a reminder that curiosity has costs that he might not have wanted to pay.

Currently ongoing serial!

Up to its fifth chapter, updates up to three times weekly.  Horror elements will be making a return.  Supernatural/Fantasy. POST Ultron/AoS season 2!

The Janus Paradox: A SHIELD Codex

When an implausible crime strikes the home of Doctor Stephen Strange, he unexpectedly reaches out to a recovering SHIELD for help in solving the mystery behind it. But Loki - still one of Coulson's most unusual allies - thinks there's much more to the riddle presented than the Sorcerer Supreme is letting on.

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