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MCU fic: Renovation

Renovation 3800 words | PG-ish | Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers In which Wanda uses her powers for good and Bucky starts sorting through his past, both metaphorically and kinda literally. "Close your eyes and follow me," Wanda said in the same soft voice and he wanted to ask where and how, but after a moment he understood. Somewhere beyond the back of his eyelids stood Wanda in a pool of light surrounded by darkness. He felt himself walking, or at least getting closer to her, and when she was near enough to hold out her hand to his, she gave him a knowing smile that was more comforting than anything else. "I suspected this would be the case," she said with a nod. "But this will not do. We are not here to tell a ghost story, we are here to do history."

He shook his head, not understanding what she was saying even as he understood she was talking about him. "What--" A mirror appeared a few feet away from them, an old mirror with a fancy frame and legs. Wanda led him over to it and he saw. Or, rather, he didn't see. He was invisible. He could see the clothes he was wearing, but there were no hands coming out of the sleeves, metal or flesh, and there was no head upon his shoulders. "The person we are in our own minds is never the person the rest of the world sees," Wanda explained. "We have only our consciences and our self-esteem as our mirrors and they do circus tricks. But I find it easier to talk to a face, so please choose one."

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