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Name:MCU Gen: Fic, fanart & recs
Posting Access:All Members
The MCU fandom is an amazing place! Share your favorite fic, fanart, icons and recs that focus on non-pairing works.
  • Self-reccing is A-OK, so don't be shy with work announcements.
  • If anyone has actually written MCU gen RPF, I will love you forever. Put it here too.
  • If it's big and you have to scroll (a large image or a long list of recs), put it behind a cut.
  • Use the tags that are already in the community, please. If you need to make new ones, please follow the tagging pattern ("has: bucky barnes/winter soldier" &c).
  • Be a grown-up and play well with others, and have fun!
    If you're not sure about what qualifies as "gen," please feel free to ask your friendly but hands-off mod, [personal profile] newredshoes.

    (Like prompt memes? See what's on offer at [ profile] avengersgen, an affiliate site on LJ!)
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