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[personal profile] meganbmoore is a gift, as are these 158 Agent Carter S1 icons. (If you take any, or even if you just think they're great, I encourage you to leave a comment, since we need all the icon-makers we can get these days.) ♥
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A stupendous find, for all of us longing for more DW/LJ icons! [community profile] easystreet has a ton of quite comprehensive MCU icon posts (tags for your browsing pleasure), including some very nice ones of the first two episodes of Agent Carter.
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I made a big batch of icons for Agent Carter - most characters are represented, and they are available for anyone to use. :) Icons come from all 8 episodes, so there are some spoilery ones.
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Hey gang! Three cheers to [personal profile] st_aurafina for this find -- [personal profile] famira posted a couple hundred textless Winter Soldier icons last month (see all here):
  • Batch A: Morning run --> Cap escapes the Triskelion
  • Batch B: "I know who killed Fury" --> Fight on the bridge, Part 1
  • Batch C: Fight on the bridge, Part 2 --> "About damn time."

    As an FYI, [community profile] mcugen also 100% welcomes recs and links to fanart, vids and icons (as well as RPF gen, if you can find any) that fall within the scope of the comm. Happy Friday, all!
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    This is one thing that has definitely gotten harder since fandom went to Tumblr: I need MCU icons, and I don't know where they are anymore. So, this is an open post for people to share the goods. If you know an iconmaker who does awesome MCU stuff, I and many others, I'm sure, are all ears. ♥

    Back when I asked this on my personal journal, [personal profile] ashen_key suggested [community profile] stockholm and [community profile] bangparty. Another good option looks like [ profile] 2thousand3, and I have a bunch from when Thor came out that I'll hunt down as soon as I can. So yeah! Whose icon work have you seen that you love?


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