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Posted a bit of oddball casefic for my h/c bingo square "tentacles" this afternoon.

Title: Another Day at the Office
Author: [personal profile] sholio
Word Count: 2100
Warnings: a little bit of monster-slime-related ick, but that's about it
Summary: There's a kraken attacking New York. Good thing the SSR is around. (Lucky them.) Takes place after Season One.

Posted to AO3, DW, and LJ.
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aunts aren't gentlemen (7439 words) by screamlet
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man (Movies), Agent Carter (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Edwin Jarvis & Tony Stark, Peggy Carter & Tony Stark, Maria Stark & Tony Stark, Maria Stark & Howard Stark, Edwin Jarvis & Peggy Carter
Characters: Tony Stark, Edwin Jarvis, Maria Stark, Peggy Carter, Anna Jarvis, Howard Stark, Paul Bettany, Pepper Potts
Additional Tags: Road Trips, Flashbacks, Boarding School, Pre-Iron Man 1, Howard Stark's A+ Parenting, Smoking, Drinking, Stark Family Fuckery, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Featuring Paul Bettany as the Voice of Jarvis, Slice of Life, Kid Tony Stark, Story within a Story

“First things first,” Tony says. “I loved A Knight’s Tale."

Tony Stark hires Paul Bettany as the voice of JARVIS, and a Stark family road trip!
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4800 words | pg-ish | Peggy Carter, Nick Fury (Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts)
Nick showed up at nine and Peggy knew it was bad news because he showed up without dessert. (Sometimes the secrets kept between spymasters was that one of them had a sweet tooth and it wasn't her.) She still made tea because, despite more than sixty years in America, the British approach to trouble was still her default.

"We've found Captain Rogers."

Landsmen (also at: ao3 | tumblr)
1800 words | PG-13-ish | Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, (Abraham Erskine)
"What did he say?" Peggy asks. English is the official language of the Rebirth lab, but Yiddish is the unofficial one, the language of frustration and jubilation and anger and affection. The project is documented in English, but it is lived in Yiddish and Peggy, like everyone else not already fluent in the language, has picked up words here and there. Mostly terms of endearment, addressed to both her and the test tubes of successful experiments, and the many (many) ways to call someone an idiot.
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Your Friend Is Most Likely Dead (7880 words) by [ profile] newredshoes
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes & Peggy Carter, Peggy Carter & Howard Stark
Characters: Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, James "Bucky" Barnes
Additional Tags: 1950s, Canon-Typical Violence, Spies & Secret Agents, Mindwiping, Abuse
Summary: In 1951, eight years after his first return from certain death, Bucky Barnes met Peggy Carter again. She came to learn about a Hydra weapon loose on American soil. He came because Hydra needed to run some tests.

Things you'll find in this fic: Nazi-hunters, Stark tech, the Andrews Sisters, the Lindy Hop, studio promotions, one Maryland suburb, Bucky making choices and Peggy Carter with a gun.
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A story and its prequel, AU to both Captain America: the First Avenger and Agent Carter:

Premise: after the rescue of the 107th, Steve Rogers cashes in all of his favors and makes what deals he can to get Bucky a medical discharge from the Army, sending him home to Brooklyn and far from enemies and curious scientists both. But Steve's war goes on until it ends badly, in an exploding plane over the Black Sea. Captain America is presumed dead, his shield recovered and returned to a grieving America while his body remains undiscovered.

1500 words | Steve Rogers

1944: Steve at war, sans Bucky.

72K words | Peggy Carter, Bucky Barnes

1952: a new danger is threatening to unbalance the already-roiling Cold War: a Soviet assassin let loose from behind the Iron Curtain. Peggy Carter isn't sure she wants to believe that the assassin is a super-soldier because of what it could mean, but she does know that whoever it is, she'll have to break her promise to keep Bucky Barnes far from danger.
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[ profile] septembriseur has been alluding to this fic for months, and if you've enjoyed her amazing, chilling looks at the early days of SHIELD before, you're going to go weak-kneed over this latest. It's an intensely researched, long-view look at Howard Stark, and what kind of brilliant young man gets involved in the Manhattan Project and sucked into the Cold War as a way of running from Captain America and the war years. It's also a hard look at his other original sin, the supposed betrayal of Anton Vanko that drives Iron Man 2.

The characterizations are subtle and complex and messily, so vulnerably human. The Easter egg moments will absolutely give you a shock when you almost glide over them. This is absolutely a Peggy who builds an organization that thrives and yet has to be torn down; this is a Peggy who lives a life too, which I found myself so grateful for as I read. Howard Stark makes so much sense when you look at him laid out like this, and even if your heart will be a bit broken, this fic will pay you back for it tenfold. Read this fic; we've been waiting for it.

Prince of the Apple Towns by [ profile] kvikindi (72K)
Howard Stark: his history told. As if it were that simple.
He's startled by the hand that settles on his shoulder: a heavy comfort, warm and gentle. Erskine's face suggests he's laughing at Howard a little bit, but it's not unsympathetic, that expression. "Fear not," Erskine says. "Your, how do you say? Fuck-ups. Are very much minor, so far. At any rate, this is what the work is for, yes? We break things, and then we put them back together."

Erskine doesn't, really. He works with living bodies. You can't do that with living bodies; you can't just put them back together again. But Howard appreciates the words, anyways.

"Okay," he says. "Okay, yes. Back to work."
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Songs of Innocence and Experience by [ profile] kvikindi (Drabbles; ongoing)
So when I say these are drabbles, what I really mean is these are intense and complicated looks at Peggy Carter and Howard Stark and Alexander Pierce and Steve and Bucky, which are only "drabbles" inasmuch as they appeared as responses to Tumblr prompts first. Cannot recommend enough.
"It’s a new era. You’re a futurist, Dr. Stark."
"In my darker moments," Howard said. "I try not to be."

standing in a windy tunnel shouting through the roar by [ profile] basset_voyager (5K)
Told in audio transcripts after the Winter Soldier's been brought in.
R: We were friends, we are friends. You’re my best friend.
B: My job was to kill you.
R: Yeah, but you didn’t.
B: Captain, you seem to have very low standards for friends.

great at pets by [ profile] andibeth82 (2400 words)
Clint Barton, unofficial SHIELD pet-sitter. Just a freaking delight.
“Barton’s harboring pets,” Maria says as soon as Pepper picks up the phone. “A lot of them.”
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Ohmygosh, insta-rec here. Stunning, stunning, stunning.

a particle, a wave by [ profile] kvikindi (1068 words)
"My father helped defeat Nazis. He worked on the Manhattan Project." A look at Howard Stark and the atomic bomb, and technology, and his war, and light in the Arctic. Really gorgeous, unnerving prose, an unsettling ending; great character piece.
Howard thought there was something familiar about this. He listened to the jangling of medals. The generals shifted, nervous with sweat— July in New Mexico— dust rattling on the dirt floors— and bent forwards, blinking. "Did it work? Did it work?" Like kids at a magic show. He flashed back to Rogers' body, produced from its machine like a coin from behind the ear.
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I've just posted a new post-IM2, pre-Avengers fic. [personal profile] newredshoes says it's gen enough to post here, so:

Title: What We Choose to Leave Behind
Relationships: Tony & Howard; Tony & JARVIS; mostly background Tony/Pepper; background Howard/Maria
Wordcount: 6500
Warnings: Alcohol used as a coping mechanism; canonical implied emotional neglect
Locations: At AO3; at Livejournal; at Dreamwidth

Summary/Teaser: Howard has a conversation far too late and just in time, while the Tesseract is indirectly responsible for twisting causality into knots.

Regarding that "gen enough" comment: There's about 300 words describing Pepper and Tony's relationship from the outside. It's nothing explicit, but it does put focus briefly on a romantic relationship, and I don't want anyone to feel misled.


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