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TITLE: To Believe in Things That Aren't True
WORDS: 677
CHARACTERS: Darcy Lewis, Bucky Barnes
A/N: Inspired by this picture-and-quote-set and Discworld's general awesome. The italicised dialogue comes from the live-action adaptation of Hogfather. Many thanks to [ profile] taste_is_sweet for her helpful read-over ♥
SUMMARY: “So you're saying humans need fantasies to make life bearable?” Susan Sto Helit asked her grandfather on the TV screen.

No. Humans need fantasy to be human,” said Death.

Darcy couldn't say what alerted her to the fact that someone else was not to so much in the room as standing behind her and staring. Some part of her lizard-brain finally woke up and she turned slightly, saw a figure, jumped and flailed and went, “Augh!” like the totally smooth superhero sidekick she was.

James Barnes winced.

Just because Darcy was currently at Stark Tower was no reason to break her Christmas tradition of watching Hogfather. But this year, she gained company in the shape of a recovering former assassin.
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One Two! quick, drive-by recs, but oh dang, you're gonna love 'em.

think of it as personality dialysis by [ profile] KiaraSayre
Post-Winter Soldier crack that's briefly not but mostly is. Darcy takes Bucky shopping for some real outfits. I laughed a lot at this one.
"I strangled someone with a shoelace once," Barnes says. "Does that count as expressing myself through clothes?"

Men do not live only by fighting evils by [ profile] acaramelmacchiato
Sharon Carter fic, about her recruitment to SHIELD and her assignment guarding Cap. Wonderful, wry character voice, wrestling with doubts and certainties. Sort of heartbreaking and bittersweet ending; really rewarding, for something so short.
Another night he comes in with his lower lip split in half and a dark bruise on his chin. He looks sad, again, and tired, and the part of Sharon that took notes for the first time in Social Studies in sixth grade never wants Captain America to feel sad.


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[This is re-posted from my personal journal, now with my commentary!]

These are (mostly) gen, and if there are pairings, they are implied, incidental, or just barely getting started (basically, they are not the focus of the story). I've recced some of these before, but they're so good, I'm sharing them again.

recs under the cut )


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